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SEAMEOCELLL’s information


The SEAMEO Regional Centre for Lifelong Learning ( SEAMEO CELLL) was established pursuant to Decision No. 1561/QĐ-BGDĐT on 23/04/2012 of the Minister of Education and Training Vietnam. SEAMEO CELLL was regionally and internationally recognized following the signing ceremony of Memorandum of Agreement between SEAMEO and the Government of Vietnam on 20/03/2013 at SEAMEC 47 in Hanoi.

The Centre aims to cater for the regional needs in promoting lifelong learning and provide opportunities for cooperation in the field of lifelong learning among SEAMEO Member Countries and Associate Member Countries, help strengthen the relationship and increase mutual understanding  among  educational researchers, practitioners, and policy makers of the region, in a spirit of mutual respect and partnership.


A regional centre of excellence in research and training on lifelong learning, a regional forum for educational policy development on lifelong learning and a focal point for linkage  among Southeast Asian, Asian and European countries to promote cooperation in lifelong learning. 


(a) to conduct research on lifelong learning;

(b) to act as an information centre and consultation/service provider on lifelong learning; and

(c) to conduct training for lifelong learning managers, researchers and adult education managers


1. establishing and maintaining close cooperation with ministries/ departments in charge of lifelong learning policies, particularly with the ministries of education and ministries of labour in SEAMEO Members Countries;


2. promoting the concept and good practices of lifelong learning in SEAMEO Member Countries in order to widen participation in education and training in employment and civic life, and to combat exclusion and inequality in educational opportunities;


3. conducting joint research and comparative studies on lifelong learning, as well as research for policy making at national and regional levels;


4. disseminating knowledge by publishing books, international academic journals and operating a website in English;


5. organizing appropriate events serving the purpose of the Centre, including high profile conferences, seminars and workshops, flexible and tailor-made training courses, lifelong learning festivals and promotion of good practices;


6. facilitating, where necessary, policy learning among governments of SEAMEO Member Countries;


7. supplying, where necessary, expert consultancy, advice and support services on request;


8. maintaining close cooperation in the field of lifelong learning with relevant regional and international organizations; and


9. undertaking other activities as may be deemed necessary to realize the purpose of the Centre.